Private tutoring

for students at school, vocational school or university students.

I offer my work and research experience in several subject areas. My private lessons are oriented to the needs of my costumers. I am highly qualified to use customer-focused teaching methods.
I have always been particularly fascinated by academic work. I would like to share my knowledge and abilities with other people and arouse the same enthusiasm among them.

Interdisciplinary knowledge is needed more and more in education and work. Herein lies my strength, together we are able to create new possibilities of lessons.

I offer several target and age groups private lessons in the MINT subjects (Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences, Technology):

The advantages of my offers are the following:

  • The subjects can be combined with one another during the lessons
  • I am an all-level teacher
  • I am able to adapt the lessons to your needs and I use individual learning methods
  • On customer request, the location of the lesson can be chosen by the customer