Private tutoring

Do you want to improve in math, computer science, natural sciences, or engineering? You’re in the right place! With my passion for scientific work and my experience in research and profession, I’ll help you achieve your goals.

Why choose my tutoring?

  • Passion for Learning:
    I love science and technology and want to share this enthusiasm with you.
  • Tailored Lessons:
    I customize the lessons to fit your needs. We’ll collaborate to enhance your strengths and address your weaknesses.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach:
    Nowadays, knowledge across different subjects is crucial. I assist you in making interdisciplinary connections.
  • Flexible Options:
    Whether in-person or online, I offer lessons that work for you.

My services for:

Benefits that matter:

  • Combining subjects in lessons is possible.
  • Lessons for all levels.
  • Needs-based and individualized instruction.
  • On-site lessons if preferred.

Ready to get started? Contact me now and let’s celebrate learning successes together!