Success Story 1


From time to time, I receive feedback from those who have benefited from my services. I do not share these letters to pat myself on the back, but rather to demonstrate the genuine difference my work can make in people’s lives. Here is one such letter of appreciation that particularly moved me:

Letter of Thanks from a Former Student

Berlin, 15th May 2006

Dear Mr. Shokri,

I would like to sincerely thank you for your outstanding instruction in engineering mathematics subjects (Analysis I and II, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations) and Technical Mechanics I to III.

Only with your assistance was I able to continue and successfully complete my studies in Industrial Engineering. Since January 2005, your consistent guidance with reliable solutions and strategies has enabled me to pass both written and oral examinations in the aforementioned subjects with high grades.

I was especially impressed by your approach to problem-solving. You began by helping me identify my challenges in the subjects, thereby setting clear objectives for the scope and manner in which I should expand and undertake my learning activities. Following this, you provided an excellent theoretical introduction to each subject. These theoretical sessions greatly assisted me in understanding, retaining, and applying the extensive lecture content.

After this step of consolidating the theory, you equipped me with strong foundations in mathematical problem-solving during the practical phase, that is, while solving exercise and exam tasks. The practice tasks you prepared with dedication and expertise optimally prepared me for the exams.

I wish to express my gratitude not only for your academic knowledge and your teaching style but also commend your skills in psychologically preparing students for examination stress. With your assistance, I was able to overcome my exam anxiety and confidently apply the knowledge I acquired from you during the examinations.

I’ve always been intrigued by how you also organized highly successful tutoring sessions for a group of students, from which every student emerged reassured, equipped with excellent problem-solving techniques, and most importantly, the necessary subject knowledge.

I wish you continued success in your professional and personal journey.

Kind regards,

Xxxxx Xxxxxxx

Student at the Technical University of Berlin, majoring in Industrial Engineering.