Success Story 2

Certificate of Mathematics Training

Berlin, May 16, 2006

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby confirm that Mr. Valiollah Shokri supported me with private tutoring in the field of mathematics during my studies and subsequently during my role as a research associate at TU-Berlin.

The subject of my research in the field of Food Technology and Biotechnology was the kinetics of enzymatic degradation reactions under high hydrostatic pressures.

Thanks to Mr. Shokri’s support and analytical skills, I was able to describe the reaction kinetics in a plausible mathematical manner. The investigations were published in the journal “Starch” (1996).

Mr. Shokri possesses a broad foundational knowledge in engineering and creatively develops solutions for interdisciplinary issues. I particularly appreciate his professional structure and his thorough preparation for the training sessions.

Sincerely, Xxxxx Xxxxxx